#supportlibraries Saturday – The Program

Hey guys!

So I’m sure as most of you know, books are bloody expensive. Really damn expensive. Which makes book blogging an expensive hobby.

However, I, being a friggin’ genius, have come up with #supportlibraries Saturday, where I grab one book from the library each weekend and review it.

Today’s book is The Program, by Suzanne Young. Admittedly, it’s a throwback for me – I did read it when I was sixteen. But I promise, it’s just as good as it was the first time.



The Program is set in a world not much different from ours. In a future where teen suicide is an epidemic killing 1 in 3 teens, the Program rehabilitates the suicidal and saves lives. But not many see it like that. Teenagers fear and loathe the Program. It wipes their brains, leaving them “empty”. Handlers prowl, pulling flagged students from classes, and coming at the call of concerned parents.

Sloane Barstow is no stranger to suicide. Her brother killed himself long ago, and her best friend Lacey was forced to undergo the Program and no longer remembers her. Together, she and her boyfriend, James, have vowed to avoid the program until they turn 18 and are no longer at risk of being flagged. But with death and depression at every turn, can they really hand the pressures of life without other people noticing them? Will they be able to protect each other and stay out of the Program, or will they be wiped from each others minds forever?


I loved this book. The thing about randomly grabbing books off library shelves is that you don’t know if it’s going to be good or not, but trust me, this was fantastic. So, my rating*:

Premise Originality: 4/5 stars

Execution and General Storyline: 5/5 stars

Character Development and Realism: 4/5 stars

World-building: 3/5 stars

Total: 16/20 stars

Bonus points to Suzanne for dealing with a very prevalent, real-issue topic in a way that was both thoughtful and scarily plausible.

* I don’t have an official rating schematic yet, so future reviews may look different. We’ll see.


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